Rubicon Font Specifications
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Rubicon implements essential font features

Rubicon implements essential font features in its digital fonts as follows:

  • Accurate curve placement
  • Precise font metrics
  • Gridfitting hints
  • Standard formats and character set
  • For print or web
Accurate curve placement delivers superior quality

Each character is digitised with accurate curve placement for superior quality in print and on-screen. Working resolution is 1000x1000 units per em square. We conform to the technical design considerations of the Adobe Type 1 Font Format, Version 1.1 as follows:
  • Characters are digitised as a series of straight and curved segments.
  • Endpoints are placed at most horizontal or vertical extremes.
  • Tangents are continuous where needed.
  • The number of segments per character is minimized.
  • Character shapes are consistent including stems and vertical alignment.
  • Path directions are correct with no overlapping paths.
Precise font metrics ensure unobtrusive spacing

Each character is assigned precise metrics that ensure unobtrustive spacing. This includes widths, sidebearings, and kerning pairs. Each font generally contains 80 to 220 kerning pairs.

Gridfitting hints provide legibility on-screen

Our fonts are programmed with Postscript Type1 gridfitting hints to provide legibility on-screen. All hints are programmed manually and optimized for edge smoothing. The results are superior to auto-hinting software, and the font sizes are smaller. Hinting includes vertical alignment zones, stem width hints, character level hints, and replacement hints. For TrueType versions, the Type1 hints are converted automatically to TrueType hints. This includes TTF, EOT, and WOFF formats. We do not produce superhinted Truetype fonts.

Standard formats and character sets provide compatibility

Rubicon fonts are available in standard formats with standard character sets. Highlights are as follows:
  • OpenType TTF and CFF desktop formats
  • WOFF and EOT web formats
  • PC Type1 still available
  • Windows 1252 Latin 1 character set
  • Extra characters for Mac OS
  • Unicode support

Deploying web fonts with cross-browser support

The document below provides step by step instructions for developing and deploying HTML pages with custom web fonts. The resulting pages work with most web browsers that support CSS Fonts Module Level 3, including Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, and Safari.
Web font sample pages

The following sample pages demonstrate our fonts in web font formats. To view these pages correctly your browser must support CSS Fonts Module Level 3 and EOT or WOFF formats.

Humanist Fonts
Newspaper and Book Fonts
Realist Fonts

Packaging Fonts

Screen font proof sheets

The following proof sheets in PDF format illustrate how well our fonts rasterize on-screen at typical text sizes.

Printer font proof sheets

The following printer font proof sheets in PDF format illustrate how well our fonts print. The text is the Microsoft MSWSmoke print test for fonts.

Updated Sept. 27, 2011